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About Admissions

An applicant offered admission is required to take up the offer in the particular academic year to which he/she has been admitted. An applicant offered admission but who desires to commence study in a year other than that in which an offer has been made shall be required to apply afresh for admission.

Admission Offences

A student commits an admission offence if he/she

  • Produces a falsified or fraudulent academic record (transcripts, certificates, examination results, etc.) or aids another person to produce such materials for the purpose of gaining admission to CIBT.
  • Misrepresents or assists another person to misrepresent his/her academic status or eligibility for admission.

Sanctions for Admission Offences

A student who is found to have committed any of the above offences shall be expelled from the Institute, and an appropriate legal action may be taken against the offender.

Semester System

Semester system refers to organisation of the academic year into two equal parts, lasting 16 weeks each. The academic programmes undertaken in each semester will be terminated and students will be assessed on the basis of their work in various courses of study at the end of the semester.

Semester Dates



27th – 31st August, 2018 Continuing Students’ Registration
3rd September, 2018

Lectures Begins (Continuing Students)

Opening Mass – 4pm

14th September, 2018 End of Registration
17th -20th September, 2018 Late Registration with Penalty
24th September, 2018 New Student Report
25th – 28th September, 2018 Orientation and Registration (New Students)
1st October, 2018 Lectures Begin (New Students)
26th October, 2018 Matriculation of Freshmen
26th – 30th November 2018 Completion of Lecturers Evaluation Form
30th November, 2018 Lectures End (Continuing Students)
3rd -7th December, 2018 Revision (Continuing Students)
4th December, 2018 Carols Night – 4pm
10th – 21st December, 2018 Examinations (Continuing Students)
17th – 21st December, 2018 Completion of Lecture
21st December, 2018

Lectures End (Fresh Students)

Closing Mass – 4pm

2nd – 7th January, 2019 Revision (Fresh Students)
8th -18th January, 2019 Examinations (Fresh Students)




28th January, 2019


Freshmen Report
Continuing Students Registration
29thJanuary -31st February, 2019 Orientation & Registration of Fresh Students
1st February, 2019 6th Congregation
4th February, 2019

Lectures Begin

All Students

Opening Mass – 4pm

8th February, 2019 End of Registration
March 2019 SRC week
29th April – 6th May, 2019 Completion of Lecturers’ Evaluation Form
10th May, 2019 Lectures End
13th May-17th May, 2019 Revision
20th – 31st May, 2019 Second Semester Examinations
31st May, 2019

End of Semester

Closing Mass – 4pm