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Academic Work Registration

  • All students, including those trailing courses, are expected to register for their selected courses which have been specified by the Faculties, Departments or Units.
  • All undergraduate students must register for their selected courses at the beginning of every semester.
  • Registration dates shall be as fixed by the Academic Board and advertised.
  • Registration of courses and programmes shall start two weeks before the beginning of each semester.
  • Every student shall show evidence of payment of full fees before he/she will be registered.
  • Every student shall check for his/her results of the previous semester before registering.
  • Students shall have to register in person and have their registration forms endorsed by their Heads of Department.
  • Registration shall be done according to the procedure specified for the purpose.
  • A student who fails to register for a course shall be disqualified from taking that course
  • Registration for fresh students shall not be considered complete unless a medical examination has been passed.
  • A fine/penalty, determinable by the Institute from time to time and advertised, shall be imposed on any student who fails to register within the period designated for registration by the Institute. The fine/penalty to be imposed shall be for each day after the deadline for registration.
  • A student who fails to register by the end of the penalty period shall be precluded from beginning the semester programme.
  • Students have a period of two weeks after the official registration period within which to change elective courses only [without paying any fine/penalty].
  • No student shall be eligible to register for a higher course unless he/she has passed the prerequisite for that course.