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Business and Faith Development

The Business and Faith Development Centre (BFDC) of the Catholic Institute of Business and Technology (CIBT) is a unique department of the university, bringing the rich intellectual resources of the university to the people of Ghana, especially the laity of the Catholic Archdiocese of Accra. Traditionally, university education has laid emphasis on teaching and equipping their students with the requisite and substantive knowledge needed for the job market, but the BFDC aims at not only that but training and forming those who pass through the Centre to be grounded in their expertise and also in a holistic spirituality.

The BFDC rests on two basic premises: bringing Christian ethical values and principles to bear in one’s life and at one’s workplace, and helping Christian leaders to deepen their understanding of their faith so as to offer a more Christian leadership at their parishes, stations and their home communities.


To be a centre of excellence for Business and Faith Development in Ghana


To promote Christian ethical values so as to produce Christian leaders with deeper and practical faith in our society through teaching, research and pastoral service to the Christian community.


The Centre will offer to participants managerial courses which have their fundamentals in Christian disciplines. It will also organize long and short term courses on Christian teachings and inter-faith and cultural related issues to Parish Council Chairpersons and members, leaders of youth groups, leaders of various societies and interested groups and persons.


The Centre will conduct research into areas that will help in identifying pastoral needs, offering practical steps in pastoral response, evaluation and projecting for the future. The Centre will also research on the impact of religion on the Ghanaian society and many other related issues affecting Christians at the workplace and how to respond to these ethical issues.