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Life in a tertiary education institution, in spite of its excitements, poses new and varied challenges to students. The challenges range from questions about one’s faith to one’s identity, relationships, life and career choices, through to financial sufficiency or lack thereof. The total development of the human person is central to CIBT’s mission. A chaplaincy and counselling centre has therefore been established to help students make meaning of life and its challenges. It strives to help students practise and live their faith.

The chaplains are available to all members of the Institute, regardless of their faith or Christian denomination who want to talk to someone in confidence. They offer pastoral and spiritual support to students and staff of all faith and those with none. We gather to celebrate our Catholic faith by sharing God’s Word and breaking Bread each day at noon. We have created the tradition of beginning each academic year and semester with a Mass of the Holy Spirit. All are welcome to make use of the quiet of the Institute’s chapel to spend time with the LORD.

The Chaplain

I am Fr. Blaise Bobi-Attachie.(You can call me Fr. Blaise.) I am the Chaplain of this Institute. Welcome to CIBT! I trust that you can find here a place you can call your home or a part of your home during your time here. The Chaplaincy & Counseling Office is the first room on the ground floor of the Administration Block just behind the Front Desk/ reception area. When you see my door open, feel free to come and go as u please. We are here to serve you as best as we can. (There are other priests here in the institute with whom I work closely, and whom you may approach for any or similar assistance). I’m willing to help you examine difficult situations. Guide through carrier choices, emotional struggles as well as serve you celebrate happy times. I hope u find here good and lasting friendships, useful facilities, exciting challenges, and through all these the love and support of Jesus who will be your way, truth and life in all you do and your best friend for the rest of your life. Welcome again, and I’m looking forward to see u soon.

Facilities & Activities

Our Lady Seat of Wisdom Chapel is the spiritual heartbeat of this institute. It offers a quiet and serene space for community worship, personal prayer, and reflection. It is open from 6 am to 6 pm Monday through Friday. The main activity at the Chapel is the celebration of Holy Mass each (week)day at noon. It is open to all. Other catholic religious feasts, e.g., Ash Wednesday, Ascension, All Saints are also celebrated. On Thursdays, there is the Exposition/ Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament from ………to noon. There is also an Opening Mass at the start and a Closing Mass at the end of each semester. An orientation session is held for fresh students upon their admission into the Institute.