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Examination Rules & Regulations

It is the responsibility of the student to find the examination room well in advance and be seated, at least, fifteen minutes before the commencement of any examination paper.

A student arriving thirty minutes after the start of a paper may be refused entry into the examination room. Normally, no student will be allowed to leave the examination room during the first thirty minutes of the period allowed for the paper or enter the examination room after the first half-hour. Any exception to this rule must be reported in writing to the relevant Head of Department

Students are required to use their ID numbers (written in full) throughout the examination.

Under no circumstances must a student’s name be written on any part of the answer book provided. Students who fail to comply with this regulation will be penalised.

Any student leaving the examination room and intending to return be accompanied by an attendant, while he/she is outside the examination room.

Students may be required at any time to establish their identity.

No books, prepared notes, or paper of any kind are to be taken into the examination room unless specified.

No mobile phone, radio programmable calculator or any other communication equipment or media are to be taken into the examination room. Failure to comply may lead to confiscation of the gadget.

There shall be no communication whatsoever (verbal or non-verbal) between students during the examination. A student may attract the attention of the invigilator by raising a hand.

Any irregular conduct on the part of a candidate such as copying from another student or from prepared notes may result in the cancellation of his/her examination paper and/or a more severe penalty.

Students should not remove from the examination room any unused material (e.g. answer booklets or parts thereof, supplementary answer sheets, graph sheets, drawing paper etc) supplied for the examination. Students may, however, retain their question papers except the rubrics state otherwise.

A student who finishes an examination ahead of time may leave the examination room after surrendering his/her answer booklets. The student shall not be allowed to return to the examination room.

Students should not in any way interfere with the stapling of answer booklet(s). Any complaints about the answer booklet(s) should be brought to attention of the invigilator.

A student who fails to present himself/herself at an examination without satisfactory reason(s) shall be deemed to have failed the examination. Reasons for being absent from any paper, such as any of the following, shall not be entertained.

  • Misreading of end-of-semester examination time-table.
  • Forgetting the date or time of examination.
  • Inability to rouse oneself from sleep in time for the examination.
  • Loss of relation.
  • Pregnancy (without a medical report).