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Matriculation is a very important exercise for new (fresh) students of the Institute. Matriculation means your formal acceptance into CIBT and all its privileges as a student. It marks the end of registration because no student could or should be registered after matriculation. The President presides over matriculation ceremony. The ceremony involves taking the matriculation oath which is read out by the Registrar, and matriculating students read after him/her. After the oath, each matriculating student should sign it in order to become a bona fide student of the Institute. You are not a student until you have taken and signed the matriculation oath.

Before Matriculation

At least one week after all registration had closed and every student had submitted the registration form, names of all students who had properly fill their forms will be posted on the notice boards. You should note if there is any mistake in the way your name is written, and quickly call attention to this, so that necessary corrections will be made. If your name does not appear, you should quickly report to the Office of the Registrar. A few days before matriculation, you should pay for renting your academic gown.

Change of Name

Your name as it appears on the matriculation list will be used throughout your stay in the Institute and will appear like that in your degree certificate after your studies. The names on the credentials you used for applying to the Institute must not be different from the ones in your registration documents. No change of names is allowed except if you are:

  • a female student, and you get married and advertise the change of name
  • a married woman who legally gets divorced, changes her name and advertises the change of name

On the Matriculation Day

  • You should get properly dressed and arrive at the venue early.
  • Find out where matriculating students are seated.
  • Remain decently seated
  • When the President’s academic procession enters the venue, stand up
  • Obey any further instructions from the Registrar

After Matriculation

  • Make sure you sign and then submit your oath
  • Remember to return your academic gown to the Office of the Dean of Student Affairs, if not you will begin to pay a fine for every day which you keep the gown unreturned