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Non-Academic Rules & Regulations

Student Identification Cards

All students of CIBT are required to have an official CIBT photo identification card, which shall be valid throughout the student’s stay at CIBT. The ID card shall be issued at the beginning of the first academic year of the student, when he/she has satisfied all registration requirements. Students are required to carry their ID cards at all times on campus and must present them upon request by any staff, faculty member or security officer of the Institute. In case of deferment of programme, suspension, dismissal or withdrawal, the student concerned shall surrender his/her identification card to the Registrar. Students who return to continue with their programmes shall apply for a new identification card, to reflect the new expiry date, on payment of the appropriate fee.

Damages And Loss

Library Books

A fine will be assessed against any student who interferes with the educational pursuits of another student by:

  • Not returning books to the Library on the due date
  • By damaging books or other materials contained therein
  • Every student shall be required to sign an attendance book at every lecture.

Upon receipt of notice, immediate payment of fines must be made at the Cashier’s Office. The student’s receipt must be presented to officer at the Circulation Desk. If such procedures are not followed, all grades of said student will be withheld at the end of the semester and will not be recorded or followed to the student until the fine has been paid.

Other Property Damages

The Institute does not have a breakage fee for items broken or destroyed in the departments and areas on campus. Any such items broken, damaged, or destroyed will be paid for by the student at actual replacement cost.

Dress Code

The dress and grooming of students shall at all times be clean, neat, decent, and promote a positive Christian character. Therefore, clothing and articles of clothing such as the following are prohibited:

  • Clothing that are profane in character or sexually suggestive
  • Clothing that promotes or advertises the use of drugs or any illegal substance
  • Clothing that has the potential to incite students or undermine discipline and good order at the Institute.

Monday Dress

All students will dress in appropriate business attire for lectures.

Appropriate business dress for male students shall be:

  • Business suit with collar dress shirt and necktie
  • Sports coat, dress slacks, collared shirt and necktie
  • Dress slacks, collared shirt and necktie
  • A sweater over collared shirt with a necktie

Appropriate business dress for female students shall be:

  • Business suit
  • Business pantsuit
  • Skirt or dress with blouse or sweater

Friday Dress

In line with the National Friday Wear policy, all students (male and female) shall wear made-in-Ghana traditional wear of acceptable and decent style.

Dress Prescriptions for Women

Shirts and Blouses

Low cut blouses or tops, backless shirts, blouses or dresses, sweaters with plunging necklines that reveal breasts or cleavage and spaghetti strap blouses are prohibited

Transparent and/or see-through materials are not acceptable

Shirts, blouses must not reveal the midriff, underclothing, torso, back or chest

Dresses must not reveal underclothing, mid-section, torso, back, chest, breasts, or cleavage.

Shorts and skirts must be fitted at the waist or upper hip, must not reveal underclothing and must be at least mid-thigh in length.

Bathing slippers are not allowed as footwear on campus.

Hats shall not be worn for classes or lectures.

Sunglasses shall not be worn for classes or lectures unless on a medical doctor’s advice.

Dress Prescriptions for Men

Trousers or shorts must be fitted at the waist or upper hip, totally covering undergarments, including boxer shorts. Sagging trousers or shorts are not allowed.

Bathing slippers are not allowed as footwear on campus

Sunglasses shall not be worn for classes or lectures unless on a medical doctor’s advice

Dirty and faded clothing as well as jeans with cuts and holes in them are proscribed

Plain T-shirts as underwear shall be worn as outer-garments

Dresses for Ceremonial Occasions

All Junior Members are required to wear academic and/or cultural dress appropriate for the following ceremonial occasions:

  • Matriculation
  • Congregation
  • Other occasions as required

Students who contravene rules shall either be fined or suspended.

Channels Of Communication

All students shall follow the following procedure and channels to have their academic and non-academic requests met and their complaints resolved.

Academic Matters

Class representatives
Academic Counsellors
Head of Department
Dean of Academic Affairs

Non-Academic Matters

Dean of Students
Head of Department

Students’ Representative Council (SRC)

All requests, notifications and redress of grievances affecting the student body as a whole should pass through the Dean of Students to the appropriate officer.
Where special committees exist, grievances should be channelled to these committees in the first instance.


As a last resort, appeals on both academic and non-academic matters may be made to the President and, if necessary, to the Governing Council whose decision shall be final.

End Of Semester And Final Going Down

  • CIBT officially closes on the last day of the semester. All CIBT lecture rooms and assembly hall facilities shall be closed to students, unless an exemption has been granted by the Registrar
  • Every student must sign out before departure and must leave their vacation contact addresses at the Office of the Dean of Students’ Affairs.
  • A student who has been granted permission to use lecture rooms and other facilities during vacation shall abide by the laid-down regulations of CIBT.
  • Upon final departure from the Institute, either on completion of a programme of study or for any other reason, a student must obtain a clearance certificate duly endorsed by the Librarian, Heads of Department and finally, the Finance Officer. The clearance certificate form shall be available in the Office of the Dean of Students’ Affairs.

Activities, SRC, Clubs and Societies

  • All statutory, recognised and approved student bodies, clubs, societies and associations shall submit their programmes of activities and budgets to the Dean of Students’ Affairs by the end of the second semester.
  • The Dean of Students’ Affairs shall use the individual programmes to prepare a composite student calendar of activities.
  • Student bodies that do not comply shall be banned from organising any activity in the ensuing academic year.
  • Students are required to attend SRC meetings, and participate fully in games and competitions. Students who participate actively in such activities shall be considered for additional privileges as deemed appropriate.

Noise-Making / Drunkennes & Smoking

Noise Making

Students shall maintain at all times a kind of environment that supports the basic academic enterprise. To maintain a suitable academic environment, it is desirable that the campus of the Institute is kept as quiet as possible, at all times. Students shall not make undue noise on campus, especially from 9:00 am to 9:00 pm. Breach of the above shall attract a fine, to be determined from time to time.


  • Drunken and disorderly behaviour on campus constitutes a serious breach of discipline.
  • Habitual drunkenness in town, especially if accompanied by disorderly or scandalous behaviour, shall be considered as bringing CIBT into disrepute.
  • No student shall be under the influence of alcohol during lectures, and other activities approved by the Institute.
  • Smoking is forbidden in all public places on campus.
  • Any student breaching any of these regulations will be given a written warning by the Dean of Students.
  • If the student persists in drunkenness, smoking, and disorderly behaviour the Dean of Students shall recommend his/her suspension or dismissal as appropriate.


The following shall govern all student publications:

  • The Dean of Students shall be informed of any intention to produce a student publication and approval shall be duly given by the Registrar before publication.
  • Copies of each publication shall be deposited with the President, Registrar, Dean of Students, Librarian and the Dean of Academic Affairs.
  • Each issue of a publication shall indicate the names of the editor(s), members of the Editorial Board and the publishers.
  • Members of the Editorial Board shall be held jointly and severally responsible for the contents of the publication
  • The Editorial Board shall ensure that no publication has elements of obscenity, derogatory and libellous statements, personal attacks, falsehoods or any statement that may cause disaffection or disharmony.
  • The Registrar reserves the right to withdraw approval of any publication which flouts these rules and regulations.

Communication with Outside bodies/Individuals

Students are not allowed to have direct communication with the Press, any Government Ministers and Officials, Embassies, individuals and organisations on any matter affecting CIBT life, policy and administration. All formal communication on CIBT matters should be forwarded, through the Dean of Students to the Registrar who will issue covering letters for them.

Demonstrations, Rallies, Processions (DRAP)

  • Students wishing to organise, start or end a demonstration, rally or procession on campus shall seek permission, in writing, from the Registrar through the Dean of Students, with copies to the President, Dean of Academic Affairs, Dean of Students and the SRC President (if he/she is not the organiser of the event).
  • The written application should reach the Registrar, at least, 48 hours before the event is due to commence. The application shall state the purpose of the event, the name(s) of the organiser(s), the organising body and the duration of the event.
  • The organisers of a demonstration, rally or procession shall be held jointly and severally responsible for any act of violence or breach of Institute’s rules and regulations that occurs during the event.
  • Students wishing to organise any event outside CIBT campus shall notify the Registrar in writing, through the SRC President and the Dean of Students, with copies to the President, Dean of Academic Affairs and SRC President for their information.
  • Students wishing to stage a demonstration, rally or procession outside CIBT campus shall inform the Police, in writing, through the SRC President and the Dean of Students.
  • No demonstration, rally or procession shall be allowed between the hours of 6:00 pm and 6:00 am
  • Before any such an event begins, any student who disagrees with the move and wishes to be disassociated from it may do so by informing the Dean of Students in writing.
  • Any damage caused to any property during the event shall be repaired or replaced by the offending student(s).

Contravention of any of regulations shall attract a fine, suspension or dismissal.

Club & Societies

  • All clubs and societies shall require approval from the Administration in order to operate on campus.
  • All applications on behalf of a new club or society, for approval shall be submitted to the Registrar through the SRC President and Dean of Students.
  • The application shall state the names of the founding members, officers and patrons. It shall also include the constitution of the club or society and its proposed activities.
  • Every approved society must have a Senior Member or Senior Members of the Institute as its patron(s).
  • The treasurer of each approved society must present to the Registrar, through the Dean of Students, a detailed annual financial statement, and it shall be duly signed by the Financial Secretary or Treasurer, the President and a Patron of the society.
  • Every year the names of the executive members of each society shall be forwarded to the Dean of students and the President of the SRC.

Excursions And Educational Trips

All excursions and educational trips organised by students shall be governed by the following regulations:

  • The decision to undertake the trip shall be taken at a general meeting of the club or society.
  • A written permission for an excursion or an educational trip shall be sought from the Registrar, through the Dean of Students. The application shall be endorsed by the Patron or his/her representative. The Registrar shall, upon approval, inform the President and the Dean of Academic Affairs.
  • The application letter should contain the list of those undertaking the trip, indicating their programmes and levels, and the relevant portion of the minutes of the meeting at which the decision for the trip was taken.
  • Documentary evidence of correspondence between the club/society and the institutions or establishments to be visited and arrangements for accommodation (where applicable) shall accompany the application letter.
  • The purpose of the trip shall be related to the aims and objectives of the club/society.
  • The trip shall be restricted to members of the club and/or students of the Institute.

Guest Speakers and Artistes

  • Before any group or club makes arrangements to invite guest speakers or artistes from outside the Institute to address meetings or provide entertainment, a formal written request must be made to the Registrar through the Dean of Students and the Patron(s).
  • No such invitation shall be made until permission has been granted by the Registrar.

Use Of The Auditoriums And Other Facilities

  • The Auditorium and certain other rooms are available for meetings, under certain conditions.
  • In all cases, permission for use must be obtained from the Registrar. At least 48 hours notice must be given for the grant of permission.
  • The Registrar reserves the right to impose conditions pertaining to the use of such premises.
  • In all cases, approval for the use of a venue must be received before advertisements or notices are issued.

Use of Institue Transport

Where Institute transport facilities are available, they may be ordered for any approved journeys by the organisers of an approved group of students. A fee may be charged. Request for transport shall be made through the SRC President or Patron to the Dean of Students who will forward same to the Registrar, at least, five working days in advance. All requests for transport shall contain the following particulars:

  • The destination and purpose of the journey.
  • The date and time when the transport will be required.
  • The names of students who wish to travel, together with their programmes and levels.
  • The name and signature of the organiser of the group who will.

Use of Private Vehicles

  • Any Junior Member who wishes to use a vehicle on campus shall inform the Dean of Students.
  • The Institute neither accepts responsibility for loss of such vehicles, nor for any damage that may be caused to them or injury to their owners, drivers or passengers.
  • The use of such vehicles is a privilege enjoyed at the sole risk of the persons concerned. The privilege will be withdrawn if it is abused

Arms and Ammunition, Drugs, Credit Union

Arms and Ammunation

No student is allowed to possess any form of arms or ammunition, whether licensed or unlicensed, on campus.


No student is allowed to possess any form of arms or ammunition, whether licensed or unlicensed, on campus.

Operating Credit Union/Money Lending

  • CIBT does not approve the formation and operation of credit unions by junior members.
  • Accordingly, any group of students that undertakes such a venture does so at their own risk.
  • No student shall operate a money lending or personal loan scheme. Students who indulge in these ventures do so at their own risk.

Students who contravene these rules shall either be suspended or dismissed.